BIGBANG’s Daesung Gave A Hint Regarding BIGBANG’s Comeback Date

BIGBANG announced their comeback after 4 years. In this regard, member Daesung drew attention by leaving a spoiler about the comeback date on a YouTube video.

On February 11, Daesung posted on his YouTube channel ‘ D’splay ‘, ‘Big Bang Comeback?! When exactly?! I’ll tell you’.

On this day, Daesung drew tension from the viewers by applying an editing style reminiscent of SBS’s ‘The Story of Biting the Tail’ (Kkokomu). He ended the video with a meaningful statement saying, “It’s not about biting the tail, it’s a go-go-go-go that puts a ring on a ring.”

When a fan who saw Daesung’s video speculated, “If you put 1 to the number 3, it’s 8, and 8 and 3 are ring-shaped, so the day you put the ring on the ring. Therefore, the comeback is on March 13.” Daesung said, “Wow.”

Earlier, members Top and G-Dragon posted photos of knots and ribbons on Instagram. Fans are paying attention because it is BIGBANG, who has released spoilers such as the title, lyrics, and mise-en-scène of the new song through SNS, regardless of solo or group activities. The comments and opinions that Daesung emphasized in the YouTube video will also have a lot to do with the comeback is spreading.

Based on the photos and videos posted by the members, fans are speculating that the title of the new song or the name of the new album will be ‘Reborn‘.

On the 7th, YG Entertainment, BIGBANG‘s agency, said, “BIGBANG is planning to release a new song this spring. A specific comeback date was not disclosed.”


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