Behind The Scenes Of Jung Ho Yeon’s ‘Squid Game’ Promotion In The US Has Been Revealed

Actor Jung Ho Yeon’sSquid Game‘ global promotion behind the scenes has been revealed.

On February 10, ‘Saram Entertainment Login’ YouTube channel, uploaded a vlog of Jung Ho Yeon digesting the ‘Squid Game’ global promotion schedule between LA and NY for 29 days.

Despite her busy schedule, Jung Ho Yeon not only did lose her bright appearance but also professionally took care of herself and digested the schedule slowly. The released video contains an interview with major US media and moments of Jung Ho Yeon, who is busy preparing for the ‘Gotham Awards‘ from the moment of attending the ‘CFDA Fashion Awards’. In particular, Jung Ho Yeon‘s playful side of her, which was not usually seen in the video, was revealed and attracted attention.

Jung Ho Yeon cheerfully colored the scene by exchanging puns in English with actor Park Hae Soo, who participated in the global promotion of ‘Squid Game‘. She also said that she played a role as a mood maker on site, such as Jung Ho Yeon greeted the staff brightly first and sang, “Let’s not be burdened, no need to be burdened!” .

The staff, who had no choice but to accumulate fatigue in the busy schedule, praised Jung Ho Yeon‘s appearance, saying, “It’s great to work with (Hoyeon)” and “It’s so comfortable and nice“. Fans, enthusiastic about the completely different appearance from Dawn in ‘Squid Game’, said, “Do you think Dawn has such a charm in ‘Squid Game'”?, “It makes me feel good just looking at it”, “The body of Dawn is so bright”, ” You’ve had a busy day after ‘Squid Game’ “and “I like Jung Ho Yeon‘s bright energy.”

Previously, Jung Ho Yeon attended the ‘LACMA Gala’ and ‘CFDA Fashion Awards‘, followed by decorating the US cover of Vogue with ‘Asia’s first solo’, continuing an unprecedented global step. Not only that, Jung Ho Yeon made her strong presence at the Gotham Awards, where she appeared as her sole presenter, and her debut feature film earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the 28th Annual American Actors Guild Awards (SAG).


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