‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Star Ha Seung Ri Revealed That She Practiced Archery Throughout Filming

Following the Netflix original series, ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, which is gaining momentum.

Especially overseas, as the attractiveness of ‘K-Zombie’ following ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘Kingdom’ continues, attention on ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ is growing.

Thanks to this, ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is continuing its global success as it climbed to No. 1 on Netflix worldwide (based on FlixPatrol Netflix today’s top 10 TV program categories worldwide) after being released on January 28th.

All of Us Are Dead‘ tells the story of students who were isolated in a school where the zombie virus started and was waiting for rescue, fighting together to survive.

In the drama, Ha Seung Ri played the role of Jang Ha Ri, the captain of the archery club at Hyosan High School and who enters a zombie-infested school to save her younger brother Jang Woo Jin (Sang Yeon).

She was loved by many viewers for her appearance of subduing zombies with her high-level archery skills and her cold-hearted appearance but warmer than anyone else’s thought of his younger brother.

Seungri Ha, who recently met News 1 after the release of ‘Now At Our School’, had time to share stories related to the success of the drama as well as behind the scenes of filming.

Ha Seung Ri got the nickname, ‘Archery senior’.

  • Are you feeling the box office success of ‘All of Us Are Dead‘?

▶At first, before filming for ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, I thought it was a webtoon because it was originally based on a webtoon, but it was a webtoon that I really enjoyed. It was my first time in a genre, a zombie movie, and my first time doing action, so there was a sense of pressure at first, but as I was filming, the pressure gradually eased. I was determined to do my best as I always did, but the results came out better than I expected. I still don’t really feel it.

-Did you expect such a hit?

▶ This was not expected. Even though there was ‘Squid Game‘ before, I never imagined that it would get this much attention, and I couldn’t really feel it when I was ranked number 1 in the world and even advertised in Times Square.

-Are there any memorable reactions after the release of ‘All of Us Are Dead‘?

▶The first thing I heard the most was that my archery posture was very good. I heard that she looks like a real archer, so I thought the results of the practice came out well. (Laughs) Also, the female fans are the most disappointing because they said, ‘Unnie, you’re good at acting and shooting well, but your face is what you do best. But it was fun. (Laughs)

  • How did you get involved in the project?

▶ I auditioned. At first, I played the role of Eun Ji, but when I read the script, it was a burdensome part, so I took the test, but he asked me to audition for a different role, so I went. Afterward, when I read the designated script, the director said let’s play the role of Jang Ha Ri, so I read and joined.

-Have you referenced any other zombie movies or dramas?

▶ Rather than referencing, I had seen how other zombie movies were made. I really enjoyed watching ‘World War Z’ there. There were a lot of new parts. I thought that it would be good if a new zombie movie was born through ‘All of Us Are Dead‘.

  • How was the filming with the zombies?

▶At first, I reported cruelty well, so I thought, ‘What are you afraid of?’ I wanted to, but there was a scene where I faced zombies head-on. At that time, I saw an actor who put on makeup, and it was scarier than I thought. So without realizing it, I put it to my face and said, ‘I’m so scared. I was very sorry after that. Also, the zombies in ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ are very fast. There is a scene where we escape from the gym and run-up to the mountain, and the action actors are running so fast that they are coming closer and closer, which is really scary. While filming, she said, ‘Run faster’ and really run.

-Are there any references to the original?

▶The texture is different from that of Jang Ha Ri in the original, so I didn’t have anything that I could bring. So, the original Hari was the same as the original Hari, so I asked to take my own Hari.

  • Was there any pressure to create a new Jang Hari because there were a lot of fans of the original?

▶It was also a burden, but when I read the script, this character, Jang Ha Ri, was cool. I thought it would be cool with a charm that was very different from the original, but I was feeling a bit pressured about whether I could express it well. I was satisfied that so many people liked Jang Ha Ri‘s character.

  • How long have you been practicing archery?

▶I practiced all summer. I did it before filming, and even when I started filming, it was metallurgical. When I was practicing, every round I shot, I hit Xten twice and got 9 and 7 points. It came out not bad when I concentrated and worked hard.


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