JYP Entertainment Releases Teaser Photo Of NMIXX Members Jinni And Bae

JYP Entertainment‘s rookie girl group NMIXX members Jinni and Bae radiated a mysterious atmosphere as if they were swimming in a dream.

JYP is sequentially releasing teaser contents for the first single ‘AD MARE‘ of the new girl group NMIXX, which is scheduled to debut on February 22, through the official SNS channel. On February 13, a second personal teaser photo of Jinni and Bae was posted. Jinni and Bae gave off a fantastic feeling in an unrealistic space where they visualized the sea where the transparent jellyfish and coral reefs danced in purple. Jinni boasted her distinct features and conveyed a unique charm in her eyes.

Her bob haircut showed off an elegant pose reminiscent of her mermaid princess. In the first teaser image, the two members showed a special presence with a unique face chain and anti-war beauty that goes back and forth between urban charm and innocence. In addition, in the ‘QUALIFYING‘ series, dance and vocal cover content released as part of a pre-promotion last year, it proved infinite possibilities and foreshadowed the emergence of a newcomer with both visuals and skills.

NMIXX, the group that will decorate the finale of the K-pop 4th generation girl group lineup, is throwing a ticket to the music industry with the title song ‘O.O‘ of their debut single ‘AD MARE’. The name of the song was completed by embodying the eyes widened in surprise and the exclamation “Oh!”, and contained the confidence to prepare to be surprised by seeing something new. JYP revealed the famous composers in Korea and abroad, such as THE HUB and Dr.

NMIXX members Lily, Haewon, Seolyun, Jinni, Bae, Jiu, and Gyujin have all-rounder capabilities that are not limited to specific positions such as dance, vocals, and visuals. In the group name, the word ‘MIX‘, which symbolizes combination and diversity, is added to the letter ‘N‘, which means now, new, next, and unknown n, to convey the aspiration of ‘the best combination to take responsibility for a new era’.

NMIXX will make its debut with the release of its debut single ‘AD MARE‘ on February 22, 2022, at 6 PM.


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