Hwasa Wows The Audience Of SNL Korea Season 2 With Her Dance Performance

Hwasa of Mamamoo performed a cocaine dance that caught the attention of fans in ‘SNL Korea Season 2‘.

On February 12, the 7th episode of Coupang Play’s original comedy show ‘SNL Korea Season 2’ was released. On this day, Hwasa appeared as a guest and showed off her extraordinary talent.

Hwasa transformed into an ordinary third-year high school narrator and showed her YouTuber skills that dominates rapidly rising videos such as airport thieves parodies and chandelier covers.

In particular, Hwasa‘s cocaine dance caught the viewers’ attention.

Cocaine dance is dancing to the lyrics of ‘cocaine‘ and is being used as a ‘meme’ in the online community. Recently, actor Heo Seong Tae also appeared in ‘SNL Korea Season 2‘ and performed the sexy ‘Cocaine Dance‘ and received a lot of response.

Hwasa started dancing while wearing a sexy outfit.

Hwasa shook the hearts of male fans by exuding her sexy charms with just one touch and a gently moving groove.

Netizens who saw this showed enthusiastic reactions such as “It looks like she’s dancing so well”, “Even her expression and gestures are perfect”, “She’s so sexy”, etc.

Meanwhile, Hwasa released the single album ‘Guilty Pleasure’ on November 24 last year and was promoted with the title song ‘I’m a B.


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