Han So Hee Reveals Her Favorite Items In Her Bag On The YouTube Channel Of ‘Allure Korea’

Han So Hee revealed the things she carries.

On February 9, the YouTube channel ‘Allure Korea‘ posted a video titled “Actress Han So Hee’s favorite lipstick to the diary! Favorite item in the bag? Han So-hee IN MY BAG“.

In the released video, Han So Hee introduces her favorite item in her bag. Han So Hee took out her film camera first, and she said, “I bought it cheaply from a friend in the past, but I recently learned about the charm of a film camera, so I carry it around and take pictures these days.”

Han So Hee said, “But it was very difficult to develop photos. I have all the films I have taken at home, and I am not able to develop the photos.”

“If I develop it over time, the memories of that time will come back and I think it will be good, so I carry it with me often.”, she added.

Her second favorite item was a wired earphone. Han So Hee looked at the earphones with tangled strings and was bewildered, saying, “I don’t know why earphones always end up like this when they are put in a bag.” “These days, there are good wireless earphones with good performance, but I like earphones with strings like this.”, she explained.

“There are times when I miss the old times when I used to use earphones.“, she said.

“There are times when I want to use a foldable phone or a slide phone for my cell phone. Just like that, I wanted to use earphones with a string, so I bought this. I bought it again” she continued.

Han So Hee, who always wears lipstick even if she goes bare-faced, said, “I think there is a color that suits me the most, but I often wear makeup, so I can try out a variety of colors.”

The color I found is intense red. I usually go without makeup, so if I apply a bright color like this, I feel like I’m wearing makeup and I think I can easily give a point. I put it on my hands and apply a little on the inside,” Han So Hee said.

Next, Han So Hee, who took out a portable perfume bottle, said, “I like to spray perfume differently depending on the situation or mood, so I carry this with me. These days, I have come to prefer things that have a subtle reverberation.”

Han So Hee finally pulled out her diary and said, “I don’t think I can use it comfortably if I buy an expensive one, so I intentionally buy a cheap notebook and write whatever comes to my mind”.

I don’t collect or do diaries. For me, diaries are for pouring out my emotions, so I throw them away after using them because I want to empty them. Instead, I tear them up so that no one can see them,” she explained.


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