fromis_9 Saerom Explains Her Side About Her Controversial Comment During The Groups ‘V Live’

Girl group fromis_9 was at the center of controversy after one of them said she were tired of live broadcasting.

On February 11th, fromis_9 hosted V LIVE through Naver‘s V app.

The video started, but as if member Lee Sae Rom didn’t know she became On Air, she said, “I’m sick and tired of it. I have to go home quickly“, she said.

This was conveyed to fans intact. Song Ha Young, a member who knew that the live broadcast began at this time, whispered a silent message to Lee Sae Rom, who was next to her.

Afterwards, Lee Sae Rom and the members greeted as if nothing had happened, saying, “Hello, we are fromis_9“.

However, when the remarks spread through the broadcast, some fans asked for an explanation, saying, “Are you tired of communicating with fans?” and “I’m sick of it. Shouldn’t you explain your remarks?

As the controversy did not subside, Lee Sae Rom said on the fan community platform on the 12th, “I wrote because I wanted to explain in detail what I said at the beginning of V LIVE“.

She then said, “After self-quarantine, I met the members after a long time before the start of the V LIVE, so I was sharing all the words I couldn’t say. When I was with the members every day and self-isolated, I talked about how tired I was of the situation where I had a good time to be alone at first and couldn’t go outside”, she explained.

Meanwhile, fromis_9 is a nine-member girl group formed through Mnet‘s “Idol School“.

The responsible producer of “Idol School“, which was previously controversial over ranking manipulation, was put on trial for manipulating the vote and sentenced to prison.



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