Bae Suzy Releases A Concept Photo Of Her Digital Single ‘Satellite’

Suzy released a concept photo ahead of the release of her digital single ‘Satellite‘.

Suzy’s appearance in the photo released this time attracts attention. With her darkness and light alone, Suzy created her mysterious atmosphere. 

Her quiet stillness, Suzy, who is alone in the darkness, and the light that slowly seeps into her form a sharp contrast, as if hinting at her little hope.

The concept photo was taken with the meaning of the lyrics of ‘Satellite‘. Although she expresses her longing for something she cannot reach, she expresses her unchanging heart that she will always be by her side and be there, raising expectations for her new song.

Satellite‘ is a song made with the sound of a Britpop band, and you can feel her voice as a vocalist in a completely different atmosphere from Suzy’s existing songs. She worked with the best singer-songwriter and producer Kang Hyun Min in Korea, who worked as a leader in weather forecasting.

Suzy’s single ‘Satellite‘ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on February 17.


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