As Soon As EXO’s Suho Was Discharged From the Military, Heartwarming Stories Are Pouring In

The story of EXO‘s Suho, who completed his alternative service, was told when he was a social service worker.

On February 13th, Dispatch released an interview that showed that Suho worked as an exemplary social service worker.

Suho served as a social worker at the Seocho-gu Office in Seoul.

His workplace was a children’s center in Gangnam and supported children’s care, facility management, and cleaning.

An official from the Safety and Urban Affairs Division of Seocho-gu Office said, “Suho worked really hard.”

Seocho-gu Office said, “Suho hardly used sick leave and also he receive so much love from the children“.

In November of last year, Suho received a commendation for exemplary social service personnel.

The manager said, “I was conducting a public investigation, and the reports I received were full of compliments. I also received recommendations from my workplace“.

He added, “In particular, last year was very busy because of COVID-19″, adding, “Suho actively participated in dispatch tasks such as vaccine center assistance“.

Suho, who joined the military on May 14, 2020, was discharged from the military on the same day.



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