“All of Us Are Dead” Stars Cho Yi Hyun and Park Solomon Talks About Their Popularity Says “It hasn’t hit us yet”

Actors Cho Yi Hyun and Romon, the main characters of Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead“, expressed their feelings about receiving attention from all over the world.

The two, who met on video on February 10th, talk about the modifier “Rising Star“, they said, “It hasn’t hit me yet“, adding, “I’m spending every day with amazing and grateful heart“.

All of Us Are Dead“, which depicts the stories of students struggling to survive in schools where the zombie virus spread, has maintained its No. 1 position in the world in the Netflix TV program category for 12 consecutive days since its release.

Choi Nam Ra played by Cho Yi Hyun, the class leader who grows up through relationships with friends, and Lee Soo Hyuk played by Romon, who has excellent athleticism and popularity, are gaining much popularity domestic and international, respectively.

Cho Yi Hyun said, “I was grateful to be able to play an attractive and important character,” adding, “It was a gift to me who liked zombie works, so I wanted to work hard rather than feel burdened.”

Choi Nam Ra, played by Cho Yi Hyun, is a class leader who only knows about studying, and is the person who showed the most changes in the work from an ordinary human to “Jeolbi” (Half Zombie)

Cho Yi Hyun said, “I thought about Namra, divided into before and after I had a zombie tendency“, adding, “In the beginning, I acted slowly and poorly because I thought it could be awkward to talk to my friends, and in the second half, I paid attention to the emotional changes when zombie tendencies appeared“.

However, she expressed regret, saying, “She has no choice but to be in a lonely situation,” adding, “Thanks to her friends, she turned into a warm character, but eventually, I became lonely as she became a ‘jeolbi’ (Half Zombie) in the last scene“.

Lee Soo Hyuk, played by Romon, is a person who showed loyalty with towards Nam Ra and his close friend Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young), and defended his friends by fighting zombies with extraordinary athleticism in each crisis situation.

Romon said, “Soo Hyuk is a very pure friend,” adding, “I tried to show myself raw after hearing the director’s story that I wanted him to look as natural as possible because he is close to his instinct“.

Both received about three months of training to digest various actions. In particular, Cho Yi Hyun recalled, “After hearing that I had to use a double for all scenes due to my lack of physical strength, I spent 4 to 5 hours at the action school whenever I had time”, adding, “I only ran for three hours to develop my physical strength“.

The two not only battled zombies, but also showed the fresh romance of high school students, conveying excitement to viewers. In particular, Soo Hyuk tying his and Nam Ra‘s hands with a cloth to protect Nam Ra, who is in danger of turning into a zombie, and Nam Ra kissing Soo Hyuk received a warm response.

The two formed a relationship through the drama “Sweet Revenge” before, which aired in 2017, boasted of their extraordinary teamwork, saying that they were able to film more comfortably because they were friends of the same age.

Romon said, that he was trying to express natural emotions about the difference between likes and dislikes about the love line in zombie water.

He added, “I filmed while thinking about what I would do if I died today, and the feeling of love coming from a dramatic situation seems very natural.”

He then continued, “In the next season, I hope Soo Hyuk will have a warm conversation, saying that he missed Nam Ra again, thank you for being alive, and sorry for not protecting her“.

The two also expressed their aspirations as actors.

I want to be an actor who does his best regardless of genre or work. Also, before becoming such an actor, I want to be a good person to people around me” – Cho Yi Hyun

As I have done so far, my goal is to become an actor who values the process and shows a sincere attitude toward acting in the future. I want to be an actor who continues to grow and do his best in any given role” – Romon



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