The Past Appearances Of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Supporting Casts Will Surprise You

Recently, on Netflix Korea’s official Instagram, “There was a familiar reason… !” along with the words, ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ was posted with a photo listing the supporting actors’ past appearances. 

In this post, actors Ham Sung Min(Han Kyung Soo), Ahn Seung Gyun (Oh Jun Young), Kim Bo Yeon (Seo Hyo Ryeong), Son Sang Yeon (Jang Woo Jin), Ha Seung Ri(Jang Ha Ri), and Jung Yi Seo (Kim Hyeon Joo) recent and past work photos were compared.

Many netizens reacted astonishingly on the post, leaving comments such as ‘Is this actor that actor?‘ 

Meanwhile, ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ is a Netflix series that tells the story of those isolated in a high school where a zombie virus has spread and those trying to save them, going through an extreme situation where they can’t figure out what’s ahead.’All of Us Are Dead‘ is gaining popularity both in Korea and around the world, receiving a lot of love and attention at the same time as the work was released.

Here are the photos that compare the appearance of the supporting casts of ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ in their past and present dramas.


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