Song Jia’s Surprise “I’m doing very well in America”

Song Jong Guk‘s daughter, Song Jia, reported her recent situation in the United States.

Song Jia posted two photos on her Instagram on the 12th, saying, “We are doing very well in America” ​​and “Our team fighting until we go to Korea.”

In the published photo, Song Jia is posing at a golf course in the United States on a clear day without a single cloud. She, who surprised the public with her recent rapid growth, drew admiration by perfectly digesting golf wear with an unusual proportion.

Song Jia, who was born in 2007 and is 16 years old this year in Korea, is on MBC‘s “Dad! Where Are We Going? ” where she was much loved.

Although she received a contract offer from JYP Entertainment in the past, she is currently concentrating on practicing, dreaming of becoming a professional golfer.



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