“Our Beloved Summer” Actor Choi Woo Shik Accepted His Role As “Choi Woong” Because Of Kim Da Mi

Choi Woo Shik provoked a ‘heart-flutter‘ in the viewers by delicately depicting everything from the cuteness in “Our Beloved Summer” to the hard figure that can only go straight in front of love. In particular, he like the romantic chemistry with Kim Da Mi, who worked as the co-star, to the point of saying, “Aren’t the two really dating?

I worked with Kim Da Mi for the second time after the movie ‘The Witch‘, and it was so good. While filming, I wanted to receive the Best Couple Award. Before the drama, I was curious about our chemistry. I was worried if the viewers would like it, but I’m just grateful that they liked it so much. Without Kim Da Mi, who played Kook Yeon Su, I wouldn’t have played Choi Woong.

Kim Da Mi, who worked together in acting, cited “concentration” as her strength. He said, “It’s my second project and I feel like I can catch the changes because we’re close, but when I started filming, it was like Kook Yeon Su was sitting in front of me. When she was concentrating, she looked like Kook Yeon Su, not Kim Da Mi. In terms of acting, she is also an actor who makes the other person comfortable on set. Since it’s a melodrama genre, I was awkward and lacking in many aspects, but Kim Da Mi helped me a lot in that area, so I was able to make a good work“, he said with gratitude.

Choi Woo Shik also talks about working with Kim Sung Chul and Noh Jung Eui. He said, “Both are cute and cool feels like my younger sibling. Noh Jung Eui and I once worked together 8 or 9 years ago. I already have a connection with her working together when she came out as an advertising model when she was a child. Kim Sung Chul is an actor I liked so much that I was happy to play as a best friend. Both of them had such a good personality that they not only talked about acting on the spot, but also talked a lot like friends and had fun filming“.

What is Choi Woo Shik‘s next plan after finishing “Our Beloved Summer” with favorable reviews?

He said, “After that, I haven’t thought about any work yet. Since I worked hard on the melodrama this time, I wondered if I could show an upgraded melodrama, and I also want to try a more mature action than the previous ‘The Policeman’s Lineage’. So I think both the melodrama and the action would be good“.

Choi Woo Shik continued, “There have been seniors who can lean on at the scene of the movie, and he was the oldest brother in this movie. I tried to break it because I was shy, and it was time to learn a lot about what I had to do as a leading actor. I feel good because the work I took happily is good. I hope you will support and love not only me but also all the actors who appeared in the work together“, ending the interview.



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