Lee Sang Yi’s Fitness Trainer Reveals How He Did His Bulk-Up Transformation

Fitness trainer Kim Dae Hyun revealed actor Lee Sang Yi‘s muscular body.

On February 10th, trainer Kim Dae Hyun, who is famous as a ‘celebrity trainer’, posted two photos on his Instagram along with the caption, “Lee Sang, who was filming “UROS”. Now, he has a great body“.

In the photo, Lee Sang Yi took off his shirt and is holding a heavy dumbbell.

In particular, Lee Sang Yi attracted attention by showing off her luxurious abs in the front shot.

At the same time, the moderately seated forearm muscles shook the hearts of female fans.

Musical actor Kim Ho Young , who saw the photo, commented two ‘fire emoticons‘ along with the caption, “The prize is crazy“. To this, trainer Kim Dae Hyun replied, “It’s amazing. It’s so cool. So cool.

Fans also responded to Lee Sang Yi‘s unconventional body line, which usually boasted a model student-like image, saying, “The picture shows how hard he worked out” and “The physical is amazing.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yi recently appeared on MBC‘s ‘Hangout with Yoo‘ and showed off his hidden singing skills. Through broadcasting, he even formed his project group MSG Wannabe and gained a lot of popularity.



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