Lee Joon Young Made Netizens Fall In Love With His Unique Character Portrayal On “Love and Leashes”

Roco MasterLee Joon Young once again made the hearts of viewers flutter.

Actor Lee Joon Young is emitting the charm of a “Roco Master” who makes any romance special through the Netflix film “Love and Leashes”, which was released on February 11.

Love And Leashes” also known as “Moral Sense” or “The Sensual M” is a movie about Ji Hoo, a man with extraordinary sexual taste, and Ji Woo, a competent public relations team employee who learned his secrets.

In the play, Lee Joon Young played the role of “Jung Ji Hoo“, who receives attention from all female employees with his good looks, excellent work skills, and friendly and delicate personality. Ji Hoo, is a perfect man who appears flawless but has a unique sexual taste. He has a tendency to obey others and has kept his sexual interests private, that is until Ji Woo finds out.

Lee Joon Young, who revealed that he actually studied by looking up Golden Retriever videos to express his character after Jung Ji Hoo, boasts a perfect synchronization that seems to have popped out of the webtoon. He not only disarmed viewers with his puppy-like appearance, but also raised the romance index of viewers to the fullest with lovely expressions, speech, and eyes.

In addition, as the heart for Ji Woo deepened, it formed a high consensus by realistically expressing the worries that lovers who start may actually experience. In particular, Lee Joon Young added fun to the play by confidently confessing her feelings on the spot without hesitating to cover up Ji Woo at a personnel committee held after his secret was revealed.

As such, Lee Joon Young perfectly depicts the complex charm of Jung Ji Hoo’s character in his own way with his solid acting skills And high character digestibility. Lee Joon Young, who succeeded in acting transformation, once again proved the potential of a “Roco Master“.



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