Yoon Chan Young Gets Real And Confessed About His Dating Experience

Actor Yoon Chan Young of the Netflix series ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ confessed about his dating experience.

On February 11, actor Yoon Chan Young, who played the role of Lee Cheong San in ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, had a video interview with Sports Chosun.

In the play, Lee Cheong San is a very genuine person who has hidden his unrequited love for Nam On Jo (Park Ji Hoo), a childhood friend for 12 years.

When asked by reporters if he had unrequited love, Yoon Chan Young said, “Before entering high school, I saw ‘La La Land’ and entered high school. At that time, I didn’t know the feeling of love, but such a love story was so sad and beautiful. I wanted to tell a story. Actually, I’m not interested in dating, but I have a lot of love for acting, so I practiced acting a lot during my school days.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had an unrequited love to the point of risking my life. So, in order to understand Cheongsan’s feelings, I put a sticker with Onjo’s face in a prominent place such as a script and cell phone, and keep watching, always holding Onjo in my heart. I tried my best to be there. I also set the phone background to the original webtoon’s temperature setting, and thought a lot about feelings for love.”, he explained.

He was born in 2001, and at the young age of 22 this year, it seems that he has no experience of desperate love.

Nevertheless, he completely immersed himself in the role of Lee Cheong San and performed unrequited love.

Yoon Chan Young also answered the question of how he would react if, like Cheong San and Onjo, an old friend actually confessed to him, or if he confessed to her.

He replied, “We’ve been friends for 12 years, and if you’ve been loving me inside, I’d be really embarrassed at first.”

Afterward, he said, “When Cheongsan decided to confess, Onjo expected a reaction that would be embarrassing. But Cheongsan confessed without regret. I sympathized 100% with Cheongsan’s heart.”

In addition, Yoon Chan Young expressed his love for Lee Cheong San by saying that he was a good character with firm beliefs of his own, and said that he sympathized with his actions, such as helping his friends when they were in trouble.

Meanwhile, Yoon Chan Young is expected to play the lead role in the web drama ‘Boys Flight’, which is aired in the KT season.

Boys Flight‘ will premiere on March 25 and will be released every Friday at 6 PM.


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