“Single’s Inferno” Shin Ji Yeon Asked To Chooses Between “Heaven without Moon Se Hoon or Hell with Moon Se Hoon”, Here’s Her Answer

Shin Ji Yeon, who is gaining popularity by appearing on Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno“, revealed her taste.

On February 11th, Shin Ji Yeon posted a video titled “The First Balance Game I Ever Did with My Heart” on her YouTube channel.

In the released video, Shin Ji Yeon decided to make chocolate to commemorate Valentine’s Day. She said, “I made chocolate in advance because I had to freeze it for about three hours, but it was too ruined. Looking at the condition, I thought I couldn’t use it, so I’ll make it with chocolate sold on the market“. When asked when she liked it better compared to before and after appearing in “Single’s Inferno“, Shin Ji Yeon chose after appearing and said, “I think “Single’s Inferno” was such a good experience. I think it was such a good memory“, she explained.

When asked who would marry me or who I love, she chose the former and said, “I will marry someone who likes me more than I like“.

When asked which one she prefers to talk or listen, Shin Ji Yeon replied, “It depends on the person“, adding, “If the other person is a boyfriend, I’ll talk, and if it is a friend, I’ll listen“.

Shin Ji Yeon chose love between friendship and love, and drew a line when asked, “Who is better, the boyfriend who picks up your friend’s sesame leaves or the guy who fans your friend in the summer?”

Shin Ji Yeon, who was agonizing over it, said, “I will just choose a boyfriend who fan me“, adding, “I think I will hate it more because sesame leaves are too obvious“. Shin Ji Yeon then said, “If I become a man, I will be Cha Hyun Seung rather than Oh Jin Taek“, adding, “Hyun Seung is good at dancing and cool“.

When asked which is better: “Heaven without Moon Se Hoon or Hell with Moon Se Hoon“, Shin Ji Yeon burst into laughter and said, “I will choose the former. Isn’t it hard for each other to be in hell?” she explained.

Meanwhile, she is Shin Ji Yeon, she appeared in Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno“, and she is in a public relationship with Moon Se Hoon, whom she met in “Single’s Inferno



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