Trainee Soldiers Received Words Of Wisdom From Park Bo Gum For A Prosperous Military Life

Actor Park Bo Gum, who is serving in the military, is attracting attention by giving advice to junior soldiers for a successful military life.

According to the National Defense Daily, Sergeant Park Bo Gum, who works in the public relations team of the Navy’s military band, organized an ‘exemplary leader soldier’s military service success case education‘ held on February 10 at the Naval Education Command Recruit Training Battalion Training Center in Jinhae Gu, Changwon Si, Gyeongsangnam Do ‘.

Exemplary Leader Soldier Military Service Success Case Education’ was introduced in May 2018 as an event for trainees who are about to complete basic military education to answer their questions about military life through advice from senior soldiers.

Sergeant Park Bo Gum, who was enlisted in the 669th Navy in August 2020 and will be discharged on April 30, said in the training that day, “I send my support to all of you who have completed the six-week training safely and are dignified on the mission to protect the territorial sea.”

“We need to be a motivation to each other and support each other. To this end, we need to participate in the creation of a healthy barracks culture with beautiful words and deeds that pay attention to every word. I give to my comrades next to me.”, he added.

“In order to have a fulfilling military life, you must use the personal maintenance time given after work to train your body and mind and neglect your efforts to improve your intelligence. It’s good,” he continued.

Don’t forget that military service is a valuable time for each individual’s development, and I hope that you will achieve what you promised with a positive mindset and a healthy figure.”, he said.

The navy explained, “Sgt. Park led an exemplary military life, taking care of his juniors with a spirit of example, so he was given this lecture.

In December of last year, Sergeant Park also passed the practical exam for a skilled technician (barber) in the National Technical Qualification Test.


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