Heechul Confesses “I have no intention of getting married”

Kim Hee Chul was embarrassed by the marriage rumors.

In the KBS Joy entertainment program “20th Century Hit Song“, which was broadcast on the afternoon of February 11th, Kim Hee Chul mentioned marriage.

On that episode, Kim Min Ah asked Kim Hee Chul about Shinhwa‘s “Your Wedding“, saying, “It’s crazy. Oh, speaking of the wedding reminds me, didn’t you say you were getting married next year?“.

Kim Hee Chul said, “Am I?” and as he panicked, Kim Min Ah asked again, “Have you moved?” To this, Kim Hee Chul replied, “I haven’t been there yet. I just gave up the house and sold it“.

Kim Min Ah continued joking again, “Is this a newlywed house? How many children will you have?“. Kim Hee Chul added, “I have no intention of getting married“.

Last month, Kim Hee Chul appeared on a variety show and expressed his will for marriage, saying, “I will invite all of you when the corona virus is over this year and the wedding is held early next year“.

In addition, the fact that he recently purchased ‘Sangji Ritzville Kyroom‘, which is famous for a villa-type luxury apartment, attracted attention.

On the other hand, Kim Hee Chul and TWICE‘s Momo were openly dating in July of last year.



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