“All of Us Are Dead” Yoon Chan Young Surprised To Hear Cho Yi Hyun Received A “Zombie Lesson”, Here’s Why

Actor Cho Yi Hyun confessed that the actors also took a “zombie lesson“.

In the web entertainment show “Civilization Express“, which was released on February 10th, actors Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, and Cho Yi Hyun of the Netflix drama “All of Us Are Dead” appeared, which are drawing attention.

Cho Yi Hyun said at the meeting, “In fact, we also took zombie lessons“.

However, Yoon Chan Young, who heard this, was surprised, saying, “Have you received it?” and when Cho Yi Hyun asked, “Didn’t you receive it?Park Ji Hoo and Yoon Chan Young said, “We didn’t receive it“, which surprised everyone.

In response, Yoon Chan Young explained, “If you get a call for a choreography lesson, you will know that you are becoming a zombie,” adding, “You will not know if you are becoming a zombie until you get a call“.

Cho Yi Hyun confessed, “When asked to take zombie lessons, I say, ‘I’m going to be a zombie, I’m going to die.’

Cho Yi Hyun then said, “No matter how much the original work was, there were parts that were adapted a lot“, adding, “Because of that, I couldn’t know for sure whether I was becoming a zombie“.



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