2PM’s Lee Junho Shows Off His Hair Tying Skills Proving There’s Nothing He Can’t Do

2PM‘s Junho, who has gentle eyes and sharp jawline, has attracted women’s hearts with another charm.

Recently, a video showing Junho‘s delicate aspect has been re-examined among fans.

Junho showed a sample of a sweet man while filming the 2AM music video in November last year.

Junho, who wore a combination of “white t-shirt and cardigan” showed off his handsomeness even if he stayed still. 

In particular, what caught fans’ attention was the appearance of Junho directly practicing before filming a scene in which he tied a woman’s hair.

Junho tied her hair with a rubber band to the extent that she couldn’t believe it was his first time doing it, creating excitement.

In the process, he pretended to be Lee San of MBC‘s “The Red Sleeve” and said, “Be my court lady,” causing laughter.

Fans who watched the video responded enthusiastically, such as “How I wish it’s my hair” and “What Junho oppa can’t do?

Let’s meet the warm figure of god Junho singing “Infinite Regeneration” in the video below.


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