Fan Speculates That Kim Joon Sik Secretly Cheered Song Jia Who Suffered From Fake Controversy

Single’s InfernoKim Joon Sik quietly cheered for YouTuber Free Zia (Song Jia), who suffered from fake controversy.

Kim Joon Sik left a message on his Instagram on January 29 with a photo.

“!There are so many difficulties in the crisis of internal and external exchange. I want you to be a person who shows you through action rather than by telling you to cheer up. Even in our harsh lives, the road is bound to be seen, and no matter how hard it is, everything will be solved over time. You worked hard last year. I hope we all meet again with a smile”, he said.

When reading the post upload by Kim Joon Sik for the first time, there seemed to be nothing special, but in fact, there was a secret hidden. If you read the first letters in reverse order, “It becomes ‘Jia, cheer up!’“. Therefore, if you look at it again, it is easy to understand why he put the exclamation mark at the top.

Kim Joon Sik posted this 4 days after Free Zia apologized for the fake controversy. At that time, Free Zia‘s public opinion was extremely bad. For this reason, it seems that Kim Joon Sik cheered for Free Zia, who would have struggled with controversy in an indirect way.

Kim Joon Sik appeared on Netflix’s entertainment show “Single’s Inferno” with Free Zia.



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