A Contestant Of ‘I’m Solo’ Resembles The Face Of Jisoo

On February 9, the broadcast of NQQ and SBS Plus ‘I’m Solo’, revealed the 6th cast member.

Ok Soon, a female performer who appeared for the fifth time on this day, made many men flutter with her cute smile.

MC Lee Yi Kyung said, “She resembles the actress Do Hee.”

Ok Soon‘s pretty appearance captivated the eyes of the male casts.

In the pre-interview, Ok Soon said about her charm points, “Externally, small face and pretty nose? I get a lot of compliments. Sometimes I hear that she resembles Black Pink’s Jisoo.

The production team agreed that Ok Soon resembled Jisoo, “I think I know what it feels like.”

Ok Soon said, “It’s a style with gaps,”

“Isn’t it possible to appeal to men by showing gaps?”, she continued.

After that, Ok Soon was chosen as the first impression of Kwang Soo and Young Soo, making her look forward to future performances.


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