Nam Da Reum’s Mother Posted An Emotional Message As She Send Off Her Son For His Military Enlistment

Nam Da Reum, a former child actor, quietly enlisted.

On February 8th, Nam Da Reum‘s mother said on social media, “He joined the military healthily and bravely on the scheduled date“, adding, “He’s the son of the country starting today. I look forward to your kind cooperation. Thank you for remembering and supporting him“.

Nam Da Reum entered the boot camp of the Igija Unit of the 27th Division in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do. After five weeks of training there, he will be deployed to the military base and fulfill his national defense obligations until August 7, 2023.

Nam Da Reum‘s mother said, “I think it would be so sad to see an empty room with lights off every night after you leave the army. I can’t come into your room for a while. ㅜㅜ That’s what happened. After sending my son to the training center, I repeatedly cried and stopped in an empty house with no lights on“.

She then continued, “You turned off the boiler and left the dreamcatcher light on your bed. After seeing the lit dreamcatcher, it popped. You don’t like posting such TMI, but… It’s the first day I gave up my son to the country, and it’s a special 8th night to start a new life with a haircut. Please understand this, son… Eat well, sleep well, and be well!“, expressing her affection for her son.

Nam Da Reum debuted as Kim Hyun Joong‘s child in the KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009, Song Il Guk of “Partner,Lee Sang Woo of “Guilty,” Choi Tae Joon of “Ugly Warning“, Park Yoo Cheon of “Three Days“, Choi Daniel of “Pinnochio,” and Lee Jong Seok of “Heart“.

He turned 21 this year and recently said, “My goal was to go to the military early since I was young. I wasn’t able to go at the age of 20, but I’m glad I could go at the age of 21“, he said, drawing attention by delivering the news of his surprise enlistment.



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