‘All of Us Are Dead’ Star Park Ji Hoo Answers Honestly On Who Would She Choose If She Was ‘Onjo’, Su Hyeok Or Cheong San?

Netflix’s zombie drama ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is gaining great popularity, taking first place in the global rankings.

Actor Park Ji Hoo, who took on the role of Onjo in the drama, caught the attention of fans by mentioning various episodes related to ‘All of Us Are Dead’.

On February 8, Park Ji Hoo conducted a video interview with various media through an online live broadcast.

In this work, Onjo’s love line appears several times as the main scene. Onjo is loved by his 12-year-old friend, Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young), but he likes Lee Su Hyeok(Park Solomon).

Park Ji Hoo, who played a romantic role confessed that she had no actual dating experience, said, “I think that Onjo was more of a ‘virtuous’ (like a celebrity) that she liked Su Hyeok with the thought of ‘I want to be his boyfriend’.”

Park Ji Hoo then interprets the work, saying, “I think I wanted to look pretty because Seo Hyuk is tall in his age.”

“After the zombie apocalypse happened, my 12-year-old friend, Cheongsan got to know her feelings, and Onjo was confused because there was a feeling that he liked him. I think I’ve come to understand her feelings for sure. That’s why I wonder if Onjo might like Cheongsan.”, she said.

If Park Ji Hoo was actually Onjo, who would she choose, Seo Hyuk or Cheong San?

She smiled and said, “Cheongsan is a pure man who only looks at me, but Soohyuk takes care of Onjo and others. Personally, I think Cheongsan who only looks at me is better than that of Soohyuk.”

Park Ji Hoo was well aware that the character Onjo was often criticized for being a ‘carcinogenic character’ because she was often frustrated.

However, Park Ji Hoo said, “When I read the script, I thought it was frustrating to see Onjo delaying time while denying reality. I might not be able to judge,”

Park Ji Hoo also shared her thoughts on season 2.

“(If season 2 comes out), these friends have been through the zombie apocalypse now, so I thought that they would fight flexibly against zombies in the future. “, she responded.


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