Yoo In Soo From ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Now Have 1 Million Followers On Instagram

While Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ is running at an unparalleled box office, actor Yoo In Soo achieved ‘1 million followers.

Actor Yoo In Soo took on the role of Yoon Gwi Nam in ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ and showed off his extraordinary acting skills, making a mark on fans around the world as the greatest villain of all time.

In fact, right before the release of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Yoo In Soo‘s official Instagram followers were only about 40,000, but as of February 8, the number of followers has exceeded 1 million.

In just 10 days, the number of followers increased by a whopping 25 times.

On February 7, Yoo In Soo drew attention by posting several photos along with a short caption “Yoon Gwi Nam” on his official Instagram.

In the photo, Yoo In Soo received positive comments from fans for showing off his dandy style handsome appearance, unlike ‘Yoon Gwi Nam‘, who has a bloodbath on his face and shoots eyes overflowing with madness.

As much as he dreamed of becoming a fashion designer when he was young, Yoo In Soo usually boasts a unique fashion sense, and with his 184cm tall height, he shows off his model force, causing fans’ excitement.

Unlike Yoon Gwi Nam, who is the most hated character, Yoo In Soo, who has a reversal charm overflowing with clothes, has reached 1 million followers, and fans are showing great joy and giving their support.


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