Netizens Discuss Beautiful Actresses With Single Eyelids

There are female celebrities who show off their deer eyes without double eyelids. We looked into the past graduation photos of three female celebrities with single eyelids, which are the trend these days.

An article titled “Graduation Photos Of The Three Incomparable Charms” was posted on the online community SLR Club on February 7th.

The post contained graduation photos of actors Kim Go Eun, Kim Da Mi, and Park So Dam. Young-looking people are all showing off the light charm of single eyelids without wrinkles.

Kim Go Eun‘s graduation photo
Kim Go Eun’s Instagram Account

Kim Go Eun appeared on MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment News” in May 2016 and expressed her opinion on her charm, “I’ve been thinking about double eyelid surgery before my debut, but I’m glad I didn’t“, adding, “I like my single eyelids now“.

Actress Park So Dam’s graduation photo
Park So Dam’s Instagram Account

Park So Dam also expressed similar opinions in the past. In an interview with MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment News” in November 2015, ahead of the release of the movie “Black Priests“, Park So Dam said, “My friends asked me not to operate (double eyelids) because they said someday my eyes will become a trend“.

Actress Kim Da Mi’s graduation photo
Kim Da Mi’s Instagram Account

Kim Da Mi, who showed off her smart charm by playing the role as Kook Yeon Soo in the SBS drama “Our Beloved Summer“, which ended last month, was also named as part of three single-eyelid celebrities.

Netizens responded in various ways, such as “It’s so nice“, “I fell in love with their matchless charm”, “I feel like they all look alike“, and “Korean-style beauties who seem to fit in historical dramas“.

Other netizens also mentioned that actor Cho Yi Hyun, who is gaining popularity by playing the role of Choi Nam Ra in the Netflix drama “All of Us Are Dead“, also has attractive monolids.



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