‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Cast Park Ji Hoo Shares About Her Dating Experience, ‘ I Have …’

‘All Of Us Are Dead’ became a global hit following ‘Squid Game’.

All Of Us Are Dead’ is a 12-episode Netflix original series depicting the story of students who were isolated in a school where the zombie virus started and waiting to be rescued, fighting together to survive.

After being released on January 28, it ranked first on Netflix worldwide (based on FlixPatrol Netflix today’s top 10 TV programs (shows) in the world) in just one day and then climbed to the top for 10 days in a row until February 7.

At the center of the popularity of this drama, the actors also contributed greatly.

Familiar and fresh young actors such as Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, Yoo In Soo, Lee Yoo Mi, and Im Jae Hyuk fill the drama and are getting good reviews.

In particular, Park Ji Hoo, who portrayed Nam On Jo, who struggles to live in the zombie apocalypse with Lee Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young), Choi Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun), and Lee Su Hyeok (Park Solomon), also has a presence in the public through this work. has been engraved

Through her previous film, ‘Hummingbird,’ Park Ji Hoo received the Best New Actress Award at the 39th Korean Film Critics Association Award, the New Actress of the Year Award at the 19th Director’s Cut Awards, and the Best Actress Award at the 7th Wildflower Film Awards. actor.

Now, through ‘All Of Us Are Dead’, she has established herself as a true trending actor rather than a promising next-generation actor.

On the afternoon of February 8, Park Ji Hoo had time to share her thoughts on the box office success of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ and the story behind the drama through a video interview conducted on the afternoon of February 8.

Park Ji Hoo, who has been with ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ for a long time, started filming in June 2020 and showing it to the public. I heard his story.

Below is the Q&A Section.

  • How did you try to work with the actors?

‘Everyone has to come out of the same class (before filming), so we got together in the office, talked about acting, played out, and played a lot of games and became close. It was a time when I was worried about the entrance exam, so I had fun every day listening to my sisters and my brothers about college and life advice.’, she responded

  • What was the most impressive part of the scene?

‘The fun part was that there were many actors of the same age on the set. So it felt more like going to school than going to a film set. (If it was an impressive scene) There is a scene in the music room where barricades are built and instruments are used to lure zombies, and I thought it was a very fresh onset. It was really fun to fight zombies with my classmates. The difficult scene is also the music room scene. It wasn’t that it was hard for me, but the staff had a lot of trouble. When building barricades and fighting zombies, it always collapses after a take is over. When we went to take it again, the staff had a lot of trouble because we had to build it up again.‘, she explained.

  • Were there not many scenes where Onjo was directly fighting zombies, so there were no regrets?

‘Onjo had to run away rather than a flashy action, so there were many scenes where she ran away, fell, and had no choice but to run into zombies. I thought, ‘If Onjo had more courage, she would have been able to fight the zombies.’ , she said.

  • What did you think about spreading romance in the moments of life and death?

‘I think I know the heart of teenagers the best at that time. So I thought about it while filming. I thought, ‘Will I really act like that?’ It seemed so. Friendship and love with friends are important at this age, so even if the zombie apocalypse occurs, I think I will play pranks and love.‘, she replied

  • Is it actually the tendency to confess your heart like Onjo?

I have never confessed. I also have no dating experience. It seems that I prefer a thumb rather than a confession. I think I can give you a definitive answer if I have dating experience later, but I’m not sure yet because I’m the type of person who is more virtuous than dating a friend of the opposite sex. (Laughs)‘, she explained

  • Is there a part that resonates with you while playing Onjo?

There was a scene where Dae-soo (Lim Jae-hyuk) asked what SOS stands for. Even if I tell the truth, no one believes it. Even in real life, if I pretend to be smart and give out knowledge, my friends won’t believe it. That part resonated with me.‘, she replied

  • How was the action acting?

‘I am far from physical education. I am a person who enjoys chatting with my friends more in gym class, but I studied action school for 3 months to learn how to fall and build stamina for acting where I have to run away from zombies. Then I thought, ‘I can do it’. While filming, I thought about whether I would run like this now or when, and I ran hard.’, she responded.

-Are there any references to the original webtoon?

At the time of filming, I was a minor, so I couldn’t read the webtoon. But I knew how popular webtoons were. It was a burden to take on the role of Onjo in a Netflix series that turned such a webtoon into a series, but it was a period of happy thinking about how to show a better side of me because I was appearing in a Netflix series that I really like.‘, she elaborated


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