‘All of Us Are Dead’ Actress Park Ji Hoo Revealed That She Was Offered The Role Of Nayeon Who Is An Arrogant Student

Actor Park Ji Hoo stimulated curiosity by telling a story related to the topical work ‘All of Us Are Dead‘.

On February 8, Etoday released the contents of a video interview with actress Park Ji Hoo, who became a trend with Netflix’s ‘All of Us Are Dead‘.

Park Ji Hoo showed off her outstanding acting skills as Nam On Jo, a sophomore at Hyosan High School, where the zombie virus spread in the play.

She was somewhat frustrated in the process of being chased by zombies, but at the decisive moment, she showed extraordinary ability to cope with the crisis.

She also had a crush on Lee Soo Hyeok (Romon), but realized her feelings for Lee Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young), her 12-year-old childhood friend, and showed a heartbreaking romance.

Park Ji Hoo said, “I wasn’t sure that it would turn out like this, but I had a hope that a lot of people would like it.’

She was then cast for the role of Onjo but drew attention by revealing that she was also offered the role of the ‘villain’ Na Yeon (Lee Yoo Mi).

Na Yeon is a vicious character who shows a hysterical attitude toward her friends when she is driven into an extreme situation and turns her friends into zombies. 

Park Ji Hoo said, “At the time of the audition, I received the script for Na Yeon and Onjo. After reading, the director said which one of the two seemed more suitable, so I answered Onjo without hesitation.”

“I didn’t have the courage to play the role of Nayeon. After that, I talked with the director about who I was and talked a lot about my previous work and zombies.”, she continued.

As Nam On Jo and Na Yeon, who was proposed to Park Ji Hoo, were 180 degrees different characters, netizens who saw the casting behind the scenes responded, “It’s completely surprising” and “I‘m also curious about the Park Ji Hoo version of Na Yeon.” 

Meanwhile, ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ was released on January 28, and within a day, it rose to the top spot on Netflix worldwide. 


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