“All of Us Are Dead” Actress Park Ji Hoo Hopes For The Revival Of Yoon Chan Young’s Character If Season 2 Happens

Actress Park Ji Hoo picked Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young) and Soo Hyeok (Romon) as her ideal type among the OTT platform Netflix series “All of Us Are Dead“.

In an interview with “Sports Trend” on February 8th, Park Ji Hoo said, “In real life, I would choose Cheong San, a pure man who only looks at me.”

Regarding the love line, he said, “I don’t think the love line between Onjo and Cheong San is not connected at all. Although he was sacrificed without hearing the answer from Onjo, I think he may have felt a little of Onjo’s feelings after being friends for 12 years.”

She continued, “If season 2 is planned, I definitely want to participate”, she said. I think the viewers will be more affectionate”. She hoped for the revival of Cheong San.

Park Ji Hoo took on the role of Onjo in “All of Us Are Dead“, bringing the tension in the process of escaping from zombies. You can check it out on Netflix.



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