Aespa’s Ning Ning Under Fire For Supporting China at the Olympics Despite Cheating Controversy

Concerns are rising as excessive criticism continues against Ning Ning, a Chinese member of the group Aespa.

Ning Ning recently sent a congratulatory message to her country’s player who won the gold medal in the short track 2,000m mixed relay at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics through the paid fan communication community Dear You Bubble and said in Chinese, “I’m glad I got my first gold tonight“.

At that time, China finished third in the semifinals, but advanced to the finals as the U.S., which ranked second, was disqualified and eventually China won a gold medal. In particular, during the semifinals at that time, Chinese players were allegedly caught not touching the next player properly in the relay race during the video reading process, sparking controversy. 

Amid the growing criticism of biased judgment, Ning Ning was unable to avoid criticism from netizens by expressing her feelings for her country’s first gold medal.

However, Ning Ning did not leave only a message of support for Chinese players. At that time, Ning Ning expressed her support for athletes from all countries, including “All our athletes are so great” and “All the people on Earth are one family“. 

Nevertheless, voices of criticism against Ning Ning seem to not stop. This is because Korea is also suffering public outrage after being disqualified from the men’s 1,000m semifinals on February 7th. As a result, Ning Ning‘s remarks continue to rise and fall on the board, and fans are saddened by the fact that she is becoming an opponents of netizens anger.

Meanwhile, Ning Ning was born in 2002 and has received a lot of attention for her outstanding visuals and skills in Chinese auditions since childhood. She was then casted by SM Entertainment and debuted as the main vocalist of Aespa in 2020.



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