The Restaurant Owner That Kim Seon Ho Visited, Appealed To His SNS For A Very Serious Damage Situation

At the tteokbokki shop that actor Kim Seon Ho went to, an unexpected spark was thrown. The owner of a tteokbokki shop in Jeju Island recently complained about the damage through his official SNS.

Person A said, “It’s been quite some time since the director, filming team, and actors of ‘Sad Tropical’ came and went. Some fans cheered for me by re-posting my post, but text messages requesting personal information are still ringing at dawn.

Kim Seon Ho came here for the first time with the director on Christmas day,” he recalled.

When I was serving and explaining the food, it seems that he noticed that only the director and actor Kim had my eyes on me.“, he continued.

“Actor Kim Seon Ho put his hand on actor Kang Tae Joo‘s shoulder and said, ‘You are the main character of our movie. Please take care of me,‘”, he added

Some people often appeal to themselves, but this person is different, and he is a very warm person (I felt). That’s how the fan’s first-day car started.”, he explained.

“When another diner asked if I could take a picture, I said, ‘I’m really sorry ‘ “, he said.

At the same time, Mr. A asserted that he had never disclosed anything related to Kim Seon Ho.”Somehow, the demands of people with different personalities from me started. There are many more episodes like reporters who ask for personal information and get angry, but I won’t write them down. On days that come a lot, it is difficult to do business.”, he said,

Finally, Mr. A said, “I will not take any questions because I have no more information. Please stop DMs and comments related to one actor. I was attacked by people with different thoughts and actions that I told myself to protect the actors. A person who makes a living for a single business raising children. Please stop attacking me and stop being sarcastic. Please stop spreading facts that do not exist.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho chose the movie ‘Sad Tropical‘ as his comeback after the controversy over his personal life. ‘Sad Tropical’ is an action noir that tells the story of a boy who used to be a boxer who becomes the target of mysterious people and is pursued. He works with actors Go Ara, Kang Tae Joo, and Kim Kang Woo.


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