Jung Ho Yeon’s Slender Body Decorated The Fashion Brand Calvin Klein

Jung Ho Yeon, who played the role of Kang Sae Byeok in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game‘, caught the attention of fans with her unique model force.

On February 6, model and actor Jung Ho Yeon published a photoshoot with fashion brand Calvin Klein on her Instagram.

In the photo, Jung Ho Yeon is wearing Calvin Klein underwear and a T-shirt and posing in various poses.

As a model who has been recognized around the world, she has digested all the clothes with his superior body and proportions.

The long and slender forearm and Jung Ho Yeon‘s waist, which is soft enough to be held in one hand, catches the eye at once.

Jung Ho Yeon is said to have lost a lot of weight due to a lot of schedules after appearing in ‘Squid Game’.

In an interview with Star News in December of last year, she said that he was too busy to have time to eat, and announced that she had lost more than 4kg compared to the weight he had maintained during his modeling days.

Jung Ho Yeon, while working as a model, was 176 cm tall and 49 kg, maintaining that weight and making a name for herself with a mannequin body.

She is so busy that she cannot eat three meals a day properly, so it is expected that she has lost about 4 kg.


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