“All of Us Are Dead” Cast’s Instagram Followers Have Skyrocketed Since the Series Premiered

All of Us Are Dead’ which has taken the top spot in the TV series category in up to 59 countries so far, has decreased to 53 countries, but the news is that it has finally taken the top spot in the TV series category in the United States. The popularity of the leading actors who appeared, in the same way, is also increasing day by day. The number of followers on Instagram has exploded, proving its popularity.

Lee Yoo Mi 6.5 million > 7.3 million

Lee Yoo Mi has surged from 40,000 Instagram followers to 7 million with ‘Squid Game‘.

The number of followers, which had decreased to 6.5 million before the release of’All of Us Are Dead’ has increased to 7.3 million, and we are experiencing its popularity once again.

 She will be reborn as her first lead actress through the drama ‘Mental Coach Je Gal Gil’.

Park Ji Hoo 27,000 > 2.1 million

Park Ji Hoo, who plays the role of ‘Nam On Jo’, has grown from 27,000 followers to 2.1 million in just over a week since its release. 

Although she is the youngest, her skills have already been recognized for her deep acting in the movie ‘House of Hummingbird‘. 

The drama ‘Little Women’ and the movie ‘Concrete Utopia’ will continue to love each other.

Yoon Chan Young 730,000 > 2.7 million

Yoon Chan Young, who plays the role of ‘Lee Cheong San‘, who is an ordinary student, but who is willing to take the lead for his friends, also has a sharp rise in followers. 

Although he is an adult, he is set to perform as a teenage student once again through the teenage noir water web drama ‘Boys Flight‘.

Cho Yi Hyun 256,000 > 3 million

Cho Yi Hyun is emerging as the most notable actor.

Although she debuted later than the actors introduced earlier, she has been making the most outstanding performances recently, such as the ‘Hospital Playlist‘ series and ‘School 2021‘.

In fact, the true protagonist of ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ is being evaluated as ‘Choi Nam Ra‘, played by Cho Yi Hyun. 

There is no news of a new one yet, but it looks like we will meet again soon.

Park Solomon 242,000> 3.3 million

As the figure of 3.3 million followers proves, Romon plays the role of ‘Lee Soo Hyuk‘, the most loved fraudulent character.

He said it was good to film about 17 kissing scenes with Cho Yi Hyun in the drama, and thought, ‘That’s why you’re doing melodrama’.

 I am also looking forward to Romon’s melodrama, which looks like a glimpse of Hong Kong’s youthful stars in the past.

Yoo In Soo 40,000 >700,000

Yoo In Soo plays the role of Gwin Nam, a violent student who bullies other students and is the main antagonist of the series.

His Instagram followers also surged from 40,000 followers to 700,000 followers.


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