Netizens Made Fun Of Lee Jung Jae’s Poor Selfie Skills Says “We need to stop him”

Actor Lee Jung Jae delivered a welcome update with his “poor selfie“.

On January 5th, Lee Jung Jae posted two photos on his Instagram account without much explanation.

The released photo showed Lee Jung Jae wearing a gold necklace on a light pink shirt.

The bright spring atmosphere can be felt from the way he winks and smiles brightly smiling.

Lee Jung Jae still boasted his “flower middle-aged” visuals, but some netizens paid attention to the “funny and sad” points in the photos posted by Lee Jung Jae.

Close to half of the selfies, the hand holding the cell phone came out.

Netizens responded, “I’m not desperate anymore for selfies” and “I mean, Selfie with 500 years old, we have to confiscate it” and “we need to stop him” which made people laugh.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae has finished filming his comeback film “Hunt” last year.



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