Netizens Are Fangirling Over Actress Cho Yi Hyun’s Beauty In “All of Us Are Dead” Commentary Video

Actress Cho Yi Hyun showed off her beauty, making fans excited.

On February 5th, a behind-the-scenes commentary video of “All of Us Are Dead” was posted on Netflix Korea’s official channel.

Director Lee Jae Kyu and writer Chun Sung Il, as well as Romon, Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, and Cho Yi Hyun appeared in the video to review the work and share behind-the-scenes stories.
On this day, the actors told the story of the time of filming while watching the famous scenes of “All of Us Are Dead“.

When commenting on each video, the beauty of actor Cho Yi Hyun caught the attention of viewers watching the video.

Cho Yi Hyun appeared in a beige off-shoulder top. The slightly visible shoulder line and long black hair were enough to attract attention.

In particular, it added elegant charm with a slight wave.

Unlike inside “All of Us Are Dead“, the makeup method also has a makeup that stands out for its alluring charm. This made the neatly falling monolids shine even more.

Upon watching the video, netizens responded, “She look like a pretty puppy“, “The class president’s unexpected charm“, and “I watched it with my mouth open because she was so pretty.

At the end of the video, Cho Yi Hyun said, “It’s a work that everyone who participated worked really hard on. Please enjoy watching it,” she said, asking you to watch “All of Us Are Dead“.

Meanwhile, Cho Yi Hyun played the role of Choi Nam Ra in the Netflix original series “All of Us Are Dead“.



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