“Are you currently in love?” An honest answer from “Single’s Inferno” Moon Se Hoon

Moon Se Hoon, who appeared on Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno“, revealed his feelings for Shin Ji Yeon.

On February 4th, Moon Se Hoon released videos on his YouTube channel titled “‘Maybe… now?!’, ‘Has your ideal type changed?’, ‘What’s going on these days?’, ‘l I’ll answer anything’“.

In the video, he conducted a Q&A to answer fans’ questions.

Moon Se Hoon answered, “This may be an inappropriate question but are you currently in love?” replied, “I’m always full of love“.

When asked about his ideal type, he said, “I used to like women who come off and strong and fierce” adding, “But after the show and spending my time there. I think my type has changed“.

At this time, the caption “Don’t you know?” appeared as a subtitle, indirectly reminds of Shin Ji Yeon.

Also, to the question “Why didn’t you like Jiyeon’s photo when she posted it?“, he joked, “Should I go it right now?

Meanwhile, Moon Se Hoon succeeded in matching Shin Ji Yeon as a couple in the final selection of “Single’s Inferno“.



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