A Netizen Speculates That Yoon Chan Young’s Character In “All of Us Are Dead” Might Still Be Alive

It was speculated that Lee Chung San (Yoon Chan Young), who sacrificed for his friends, would still be alive.

It is argued that he found a bait in the scene where he disappeared into the flames with Yoon Gwi Nam (Yoo In Soo) at the end.

Recently, a video titled “Lee Chung San Is Alive, All of Us Are Dead Official Review” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Girl Reading Movies“.

First, the YouTuber introduced Lee Chung San as a brave person who sacrifices himself to save his friends from zombies.

In fact, Lee Chung San stepped up for his friends even though he was in a dangerous situation that he might die.

However, he could not beat Yoon Gwi Nam, who became a carrier (a person who is immune to zombies). Lee Chung San was then bitten off by Yoon Gwi Nam.

Lee Chung San, convinced that he would soon become a zombie, helped his friends escape, and in the process, he provoked Yoon Gwi Nam to attack him.

At that time, when the bomb exploded at the school, Lee Chung San fell into the passageway of the elevator under construction while hugging Yoon Gwi Nam.

Regarding the scene, the YouTuber said, “It may seem that both died as the explosion occurred to the construction site, but I believe only Yoon Gwi Nam died in the explosion and Lee Chung San is likely to be alive“.

She also speculates that Lee Chung San might also appears to be a carrier. Just as Choi Nam Ra (played by Cho Yi Hyun) who did not become a zombie after being bitten by Yoon Gwi Nam, just like Lee Chung San did not turn into a zombie for quite a long time, the YouTuber explained.

The YouTuber then said, “Lee Chung San was holding the Gwi Name as if it were a shield in the direction of the explosion. If it falls as it is, Lee Chung San’s body will touch the floor, and the flames of the explosion will only be covered by Yoon Gwi Nam“, he added.

She explained further, “Lee Chung San is also an immune person (carrier), so even if he falls from a high place, he will not die. He would have endured the explosion using Yoon Gwi Nam as a shield“.

Finally, she believed that Lee Chung San would have been hiding in school because he did not want to show himself to his crush and childhood friend Nam On Jo (Park Ji Hoo).

As predicted by YouTuber, it is the hope of many viewers that Lee Chung San will revive and lead Season 2 of “All of Us Are Dead“.



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