2PM’s Junho Shares He Prefers To Drink Iced Coffee Despite The Cold Weather

Lee Jun Ho, a member of the group 2PM, said iced Americano is good even in cold weather.

On February 4th, a video titled “Behind the scenes at a pictorial shoot full of things you like” was posted on Lee Jun Ho‘s YouTube channel “Lee Jun Ho“.

In the video, Lee Jun Ho revealed his taste in coffee while drinking warm coffee prepared as a prop while waiting for filming.

Lee Jun Ho drank a sip of warm coffee in a cup and said, “As expected, I’m more into ‘ice’ no matter how much I think about it“, adding, “I think I like iced Americano.”

Lee Jun Ho said warm coffee was delicious, but he reiterated that “in my personal taste (I prefer iced coffee)” even after filming in cold weather.

Lee Jun Ho picked up that warm coffee was better than ice at the photo shoot of a warm mood, saying, “But warm coffee suits here. It’s warm thanks to (warm coffee)” he said with a smile.

Earlier, Lee Jun Ho received a coffee car as a gift from Suji in the cold winter and left a proof shot. Even at that time, he drew attention by drinking an ice drink while wearing a padded jacket.

In addition, Lee Jun Ho posed with a coffee cup saying, “Let’s take a lot of (photos) while wearing this outfit, as if he liked wearing a jacket with a belt on a neck polar T-shirt.

Later, Lee Jun Ho toured the entire filming studio and expressed his wish, “I want to move to a house like this.”

He said, “It’s like a European style?” Nordic style? I like this style of house. I like the feeling of an open studio” he also said about his taste in the house.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Ho received a lot of love for appearing on MBC‘s “The Red Sleeve” which recently ended.



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