“The Red Sleeve” Actor Lee Jun Ho Reveals His Secret Hobby Says “It feels good to do it everytime I wake up in the morning”

Singer and actor Lee Jun Ho confessed his unusual taste.

In the MBC “Radio Star” broadcast on February 2nd, Lee Jun Ho, Lee Se Young, Jang Hye Jin, Oh Dae Hwan, Kang Hoon, and Lee Min Ji appeared as the main characters of “The Red Sleeve“, which ended in popularity.

In particular, Lee Jun Ho drew attention by confessing about his secret hobby.

Lee Jun Ho once confessed that he was addicted to the sound of the wooden table, saying, “I feel good to play a wooden table when I wake up in the morning“. Kim Gu Ra then asked, “Is the sound good or the hitting feeling good?” he replied, “Both“.

However, Lee Jun Ho drew laughter by confessing his religion, which was totally different from his hobby, when he called himself a “Christian.”

In addition, Lee Jun Ho introduced his unique taste through a live video posted on his Instagram on February 3rd.

When asked by fans what perfume he use these days, he said, “I use perfume according to my mood that day” and added, “The perfume I use these days is like a scent of a temple“.

To this, fans showed enthusiastic responses such as “He’s a church brother, but he likes to knock on wooden tables” and “Church brother’s secret hobby.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Ho took on the role of Lee San in “The Red Sleeve” and gained great popularity among fans of all ages. 



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