“The Red Sleeve” Actor Lee Jun Ho Reaction To A Fan Asking Him To Be His Girlfriend Is Priceless

Singer and actor Lee Jun Ho, who turned 33 this year, was embarrassed by a question from a fan born in 2004.

On February 3rd, Lee Jun Ho posted a live broadcast video of about 25 minutes on his Instagram with the words “Deleted in a day. TMI got his hair trimmed“.

In the video, Lee Jun Ho had time to answer questions that fans were curious about.

From the sexy dance of 2PM‘s “My House” to the recently popular MBCThe Red Sleeve“, Lee Jun Ho played the role of Lee San, shaking the hearts of many female fans regardless of age.

On that day, a fan asked Lee Jun Ho, “I was born in 2004, can I be your girlfriend?“.

At this, Lee Jun Ho asked, “If you were born in 2004, how old are you?” He smiled and asked in embarrassment.

Lee Jun Ho, who was confused for a while, said, “How dare I say that,” and added, “There’s nothing I can’t do, but it’s…I’m embarrassed.”

When asked about another fan’s plan to shoot a drama, he said, “I’m not sure“, but added, “I’m reading the scripts they sent me and I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to make a comeback“.

On the same day, fans also asked questions about the release of the 2PM album. In response, Lee Jun Ho said, “We need to find a good time. The members are busy and working hard, and they are constantly trying to talk (among the members).”

You can check the related video from 20 minutes 10 seconds. 



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