Cha Hyun Seung From “Single’s Inferno” Warns Imposters Who Contact His Fans Pretending To Be Him

Single’s Inferno Cha Hyun Seung issued a stinging warning to his impersonators.

On February 4th, Cha Hyun Seung left a long post on his Instagram story saying, “I keep getting calls from here and there“.

Cha Hyun Seung said, “There are a lot of people who said that they talked to me on certain apps, bulletin boards, forums, and communities in the past

He continued, “It’s all impersonation. All those who was contacted by that person has been deceived“. 

Cha Hyun Seung added, “I respect all individuals. Pretending to be me, pretending to know me, please stop it. You don’t know me.

Cha Hyun Seung then warns the impersonator and might not have been able to ignore it. He said, “If you keep doing that, you will be severely punish. Stop it“.

Cha Hyun Seung made a splash in the public eye by performing a sexy performance with singer Sunmi in ‘Water Bomb 2018‘.

He is also active as a dancer and model for K-pop idols such as TVXQ and BTOB, and peaked in popularity by appearing in Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno“.

Recently, in an interview with the magazine Men’s Health Korea, he announces his desire to become an actor, raising expectations. 



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