Actor Lim Jae Hyuk Reportedly Working A Lot Of Part-Time Jobs Right Before “All of Us Are Dead” Exploded In Popularity

As the Netflix drama “All of Us Are Dead” has gained worldwide popularity, interest in actors is also growing.

It is noteworthy that one of the actors has been working both acting and part-time jobs until recently. He is Lim Jae Hyuk, a rookie actor who plays Yang Dae Soo in “All of Us Are Dead“.

Lee Jin Ho, a former journalist and YouTuber, said in a video posted on his YouTube channel on February 3rd that “Lim Jae Hyuk is not a full-time actor yet“.

He said, “I heard an interesting stories during the call with an official from Lim Jae Hyuk’s agency. Lim Jae Hyuk hit the jackpot with “All of Us Are Dead“, but he is still doing part-time jobs such as manual labor, working at a bar, and courier service.

He continued, “Lim Jae Hyuk lost 30kg in 2019 when he signed with his agency, but when he played Yang Dae Soo in “All of Us Are Dead” he increased 32kg again the following year“. He added, “After his work, he lost 25kg again and now maintains 82kg“.

Lim Jae Hyuk, 27 years old this year, was noted for his admission to the National University of Korean Arts in 2016 as a senior. He later appeared in the web drama “Cat Bartender” and SBS drama “Alice” and made his face known. In “All of Us Are Dead“, he plays Yang Dae Soo, who has a pleasant and possesses extraordinary strength.

All of Us Are Dead” tells the story of students who are isolated in the school where the zombie virus started and are waiting for rescue, fighting hand in hand to survive. After being released on Netflix on the 28th of last month, it has been loved by fans all over the world.



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