This ‘Most Annoying’ Character In ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Is Serving Us His Cute Charm, Enough To Be Called ‘Boyfriend Material’

Netflix Korean drama ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ enjoyed worldwide popularity, ushering in the era of ‘K-Zombie’.

In fact, ‘All of Us Are Dead’, after its release on January 28, topped the world charts with a terrifying momentum, announcing the status of Korean zombie dramas.

In particular, the popularity of ‘Yoon Gwi Nam‘, who became the best villain character of all time by making the hearts of viewers chewy with his amazing acting skills in ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, is notoriously popular.

On January 31, online media Catdom drew attention by sharing daily photos of Korean actor Yoo In Soo, who portrayed the villain character, Yoon Gwi Nam, in ‘All of Us Are Dead‘.

The media introduced ‘Yoon Gwi Nam‘ as an ‘anger-inducing’ character that makes you feel frustrated as if you ate 100 sweet potatoes at once.

In the drama, Yoon Gwi Nam is portrayed as a sleazy character who gets along with the gang and engages in school violence but is in fact a ‘coward‘ who is pressured by the opponent’s spirit and only handles the things he asks from behind.

He is a typically strong and weak character, but as he is reborn as a ‘new race‘ that rewrites the history of the zombie world, he grows into the best villain character that cannot be left out in the drama.

Therefore, viewers who watched the drama to the end chose Yoon Gwi Nam as ‘the most annoying character’, but also chose ‘the most attractive character‘ against his realistic acting skills.

As much as he made a deep impression on the minds of viewers, Yoon Gwi Nam is loved as an indispensable character in dramas.

Thanks to the popularity, fans’ interest in Yoo In Soo, who plays the role of Yoon Gwi Nam, also surged, as evidenced by this.

The media shared photos of Yoo In Soo on Instagram and praised him, saying that, unlike his character, Yoon Gwi Nam, the actor in his daily life is full of innocent and cute charm.

In the published photos, Yoo In Soo boasted a superior height of ‘184 cm‘ and showed off a neat fashion, creating infinitely many ‘boyfriend pictures‘ that women like.

In addition, unlike the image of a ‘strong character‘ in the drama, in reality, he is stealing the hearts of fans by boasting a handsome appearance, a shy smile, and a playful youthful reversal.

Meanwhile, Yoo In Soo was born in 1998 and is 23 years old this year. Starting with the drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in 2017, ‘School 2017′, ‘Buam-dong Avengers’,My ID is Gangnam Beauty, etc. After that, he joined the ranks of popular actors with ‘All Of Us Are Dead’.

Let’s take a look at the pictures of actor Yoo In Soo’s reversal of daily life, which the fans below say it is impossible to imagine ‘Yoon Gwi Nam, not Yoo In Soo’.


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