Netizens Have Mix Reactions In This Trending Scene Of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

On February 3, on the online community Theku, a post titled ‘The scene that got the most attention on set in ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ was posted. In the article, a scene in Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ in which the main characters are hung on a window sill to avoid zombies has been uploaded. 

In the scene, the characters Lee Soo Hyeok (Park Solomon) and Lee Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young) grabbed the window sill and went down to find the cell phone left in the classroom.

In this process, it was pointed out that the expressions of the characters hanging on the window sill to avoid zombies were too calm and their feet were awkward when they hung to land. 

Netizens who shared the scene on TheQoo showed disappointing reactions such as “Certainly that part was too sloppy”, “The lighting was too bad”, and “The sense of urgency fell sharply”. 

All Of Us Are Dead‘ is a drama about the extreme situation in which those who are isolated in a high school where a zombie virus has spread and those who try to save them cannot know what lies ahead.

It is based on the webtoon of the same name by Joo Seong Geun, which was serialized in Naver Webtoon in 2009.

According to Flix Patrol, an online content service ranking site, ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘, released on January 28, ranked first in the global Netflix TV show category February 3. It topped the charts not only in Korea but also in about 90 countries around the world.



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