Korean Reporter “Exposes” Lee Yoo Mi’s Real Personality Says She Is Entirely Different From Her “All Of Us Are Dead” Character

A former reporter and YouTuber, Lee Jin Ho delivered news regarding actress Lee Yoo Mi

Lee Jin Ho said on his personal Youtube Channel on February 3rd, “Following the Squid Game, another hit drama was born” and added, “The work is the Netflix series, ‘All Of Us Are Dead

He continued, “The actress who receives the most spotlight is by far Lee Yoo Mi. Following “Squid Game”, this work has also been a hit all over the world“. He added, “Currently, she has achieved 7 million Instagram followers“. 

He continued, “In this work, Lee Yoo Mi comes out as a selfish person who only thinks of herself. But (according to his investigation) she was very different from her real personality“.

He explained, “After the filming was over, she took a sticker photo with the actors she was with and even encouraged them through Kakao Talk“.

Lee Jin Ho said, “It is said that in this work, the actors are very close to each other because they are of similar age” and added, “When the work become a hit, Lee Yoo Mi continued to support her co-actors by commenting on their Instagram accounts“.

Lee Yoo Mi, who debuted as a CF model in 2009, appeared in films “The Yellow Sea“, “Park Hwa Young“, “Young Adult Matters“, “Hostage: Missing Celebrity“, the drama “Squid Game“, and “365: Repeat the Year“.

In the Netflix drama “All Of Us Are Dead“, she played the role of Lee Na Yeon. Her role instantly became one of the most hated characters in “All Of Us Are Dead”.

Na Yeon’s demeanor and actions showed one of the K-drama’s societal issues about class status, power, and what people are willing to do to survive. Despite knowing her character’s horrid actions, Lee Yoo Mi defends aspects of Na Yeon in a Vogue Korea interview.

Lee Yoo Mi explains, “She has no choice but to be in a rush because she has to survive. Her desire to live was just expressed in a different way. Na Yeon does what she can because she’s human. That’s why I think people feel pity [for her]. If she’s really mean, that means I acted well, right?

Audiences came to dislike the Na Yeon from the start, but by episode 8, she realizes her mistakes and how lonely she is. When watching the video recording her classmates left, she is sad about killing Gyeong Su and misses her friends. Audiences start to pity Na Yeon despite her horrid actions.



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