HyunA and Dawn Are Finally Engaged After 6 Years of Relationship

Singer Dawn (real name Kim Hyo Jong) publicly proposed to his lover HyunA.  

On February 3rd, Dawn posted a coupling photo through his personal Instagram account.

The released photo shows Dawn presenting a wedding ring to HyunA, who publicly proposed to her by saying, “MARRY ME“. Many fans were surprised by this, saying “Really??!!“. 

At the same time, his lover HyunA also accepted his proposal through her own SNS, replying, “Of course yes” and caught the attention of their fans around the world. As a result, they promised to get married after 6 years of publicly dating. 

Meanwhile, HyunA received much attention in September, working with her lover, Dawn, on the song “1+1=1” in September.

Most of all, HyunA received a bouquet recently at the wedding of her close stylist. Because she has a lover, Dawn, that he has been in a public relationship with for almost 6 years. Some paid attention to whether HyunA and Dawn would bear fruit through marriage, but this time, they are receiving congratulations from many fans. 



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