Park Bo Gum Become A Licensed Barber Ahead Of His Military Discharge

The news that ‘sergeant’ Park Bo Gum, who is about to be discharged in the first half of this year, has obtained a barber’s license while serving in the military has been reported.

According to a military official on February 2, Park Bo Gum passed the practical test of the ‘Usage Technician (Barber)’, a national technical qualification test conducted in December last year.

Currently, in the military, soldiers who are about to be discharged from the military are encouraged to acquire certifications as part of their self-development.

Usually, they take a vacation by taking the test in the private sector or by traveling to the military unit from an authorized institution to take the test. There are various qualifications that can be acquired, such as a Korean food cook, a forklift, and so on.

Park Bo Gum, who is serving at Gyeryong University, is also reported to have exhausted his annual leave and took the test at the Jinhae Naval Education Command.

It is also known that Park Bo Gum showed off her haircut skills by cutting the hair of fellow soldiers while on duty.

This haircutting skill was properly certified through this accredited certification.

When the news of Park Bo Gum‘s acquisition of a barber’s license spread, netizens responded enthusiastically, such as, “You worked hard in the military,” and “I want Park Bo-gum to have my hair trimmed.”

On the other hand, Park Bo Gum applied for the keyboard part of the Navy’s military music and honor guard battalion in August 2020, passed the practical test and interview and started his military life as a cultural public relations soldier on August 31 of the same year.

The expected date of discharge is April 30, but it is expected that he will be discharged around March, such as by using the leave before the discharge, as he has more than one month of vacation left during his military service.


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