‘Squid Game’ Actor Heo Sung Tae Apologized For Using Fake Luxury Good In ‘SNL Korea Season 2’, “I sincerely apologize”

Actor Heo Sung Tae showed an apology after being caught taking a lookbook video using fake luxury goods in ‘SNL Korea Season 2‘.

Heo Sung Tae appeared as a host in Coupang Play’s ‘SNL Korea Season 2’, which was released on January 29.

That day, Heo Sung Tae captured people’s attention with a lookbook parody video.

Heo Sung Tae boasted of the product, saying, “I’ll give you the Prada clutch, my favorite child.”

However, the Prada clutch was found to be fake, and Heo Sung Tae posted an apology video.

Heo Sung Tae shed tears and confessed, “The Prada clutch I introduced in the last video is actually pretty good.”

It’s my biggest mistake to brag about it knowing that it’s a special A-grade replica product.” he said

Heo Sung Tae bowed his head toward the viewer, saying, “I sincerely apologize.”

Still, Heo Sung Tae vomited his anger, saying, “Why are the standards so harsh only on me? I am also a human being.”

Heo Sung Tae tore his clothes to expose his upper body, revealing his frustration.

Heo Sung Tae, who came to his senses again, said, “I will live with self-restraint and self-reflection, and I will live modestly.”

Netizens who saw this reacted enthusiastically, such as “Heo Sung Tae‘s acting is the best”, “He is an actor that you can trust and see”, and “He reconstructed the controversy over wearing a fake Freesia” in a humorous way.

Watch the video here:


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