Han So Hee Revealed Her New Tattoo After Her Past Tattoos Were Completely Removed As Part Of Becoming An Actress

Actress Han So Hee drew public attention by revealing a ‘tattoo photo’.

On February 1, Han So Hee posted photos on her Instagram with the caption, “2022 starts“.

In the published photos, Han So Hee was able to see herself, the scenery, and the food she took during her daily life.

Through this, people were able to feel Han So Hee‘s ‘Insta sensibility‘ well, and one photo, in particular, caught the attention of many people.

The post was a ‘tattoo photo’, with a sensual picture engraved on the flesh.

Han So Hee had several tattoos on her arms in the past. Afterward, she removed her tattoos to pursue her acting career.

When Han So Hee was receiving a lot of love for JTBC’s ‘The World of the Married‘, ‘tattoo photos’ and ‘cigarette photos’ that she posted on Instagram in the past were circulating on online communities and drawing attention.

In relation to this, Han So Hee said in an interview at the end of ‘The World of the Married’, “I was the way I was then and I am the person I am today.

“Once you start working, your life will be limited. As I adjust to this, it’s funny to say that the past made me complete myself. It was only three or four years ago.”

Rather, Han So Hee, who said that female fans seem to have liked that aspect, said, ‘The company tells us to refrain from it.



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